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Peter Ojo
Founder and CEO

Peter Ojo 
President and CEO

Peter is a visionary whose education across three continents has influenced his view of what a payment solution should mean to users and merchants. He's a well-known and influential figure in the world of electronic business.

Peter has more than 10 years of progressive professional experience in transforming business ideas into e-business solutions. Before founding LFR Communications, Inc, Peter was responsible for the development of complex Match Grant National Database for Refugees in the USA as a project under IRSA Washington DC.

Peter was instrumental in the development of various software and web enabled applications for the Internal Revenue Service, Data Mining and analysis for x-ray machines to enhance the reaction of operators to Tip images at many airports in the US (TSA/Jill), sales automation and procurement for AT&T /British Telecom (Concert project), Intranet for American Standard, Department of Homeland Security, Hitachi Data System Solutions, and the ASCII Group, Inc.

In 2005 Peter eliminated the need for mailing prepaid debit cards to International destinations by developing a faster and secure algorithm leveraging on PDF (portable document format) called virtual debit card. Graphcard, the first client, sold several millions of dollars worth of prepaid virtual accounts two years after deployment of this solution without mailing any card. The technology is now widely used world- wide by many corporations.

In 2007, Peter designed the algorithm-blue print for VTN Mobile / web payment network to power ecommerce transactions for over 50million GSM users in Nigeria, that has now processed several million transactions in its pre-launch stage. Same was used to power USA-Africa trade mission summit successfully.

Peter's strong technical background, good understanding of e-payment solutions, e-commerce business models and applications has helped accelerate the growth of Graphcard, which is currently being used in over 100 countries.

Peter is an alumnus of the University of Ibadan, the University of Portsmouth, U.K and Kings College University of London. He is currently studying for a PhD in Business Administration at NCU with special focus on ecommerce. He is a former ODASSS (now DFID) Scholar.

Catherine Berruer
Executive Vice President Business Development
Catherine Berruer has more than ten years of progressive loan management and client services experience at various national and international agencies and private institutions. She worked at the Department of Agriculture in France in 1993 where she was responsible for facilitating, preparing, structuring, and fulfilling credit proposals for agriculture clients. She managed client loan portfolios, including analyzing financial data, statements, as well as determining credit worthiness. In 1999, she began to work as Scholarship Officer at Microcredit Summit in Washington D.C. During her tenure, she organized conferences in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and other areas and was directly responsible for reviewing and managing $250,000 scholarship to people in poverty-stricken areas. During the same period of time, she also worked at the Sulphur Institute where she was responsible for event planning and personally organized conferences in the U.S., Europe and China.

Ms. Berruer obtained her B.A. (Second class Upper) degree in Applied Language Studies from the Thames Valley University of London, U.K. and in Translation from the University of Rouen, France. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish. Her extensive international experience has been an asset to LFR Communications, Inc.

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